Basic Web Site Templates

If you are just getting started having a website, a basic website is the fastest and easiest way to get going.  Normally, we can get a basic site up in approximate 72 hours once you give us the information we need. 


A basic “template” website is normally 3, 4 or 5 pages.  We start buy selecting a domain name which becomes your home / main page.  Then you will have several pages to give information about your company, your services or products.  Most people have a welcome page, a contact page, then either an about us page, a services page, a meet our team page, or product information.   You will need to write what you want on each of those pages and send it to us in a text format or word document.


You probably will want your logo on the top of the page.  You might want one or two additional images or pictures.  Those we will want you to email to us. And you might want a slogan to appear next to your logo.


Finally you will tell us what colors you want us to use and if you want the menu bar to go across the top or the left side.   Check out the different template options on our "Web Template Page" or click on


This will get you started.  We suggest you do this first so your customers will have somewhere to visit while we work on a more advanced page.  For more information on advanced website templates, click here.