Custom Web Site Design

With our Basic and Advance Template Websites, we use a standard web template and put your information into it.  In most cases it is a group of pages that all look alike except that the information is different.  You normally have a menu bar going across the top, left side or bottom. 


 If you want to be totally unique and get away from the “template” look, we can help you get there.  Come up with a vision or concept and call us to begin a brainstorming session.  Sometimes ideas start with an image.  Sometimes they begin with a need to tell a story in a way that only you can tell it. 


Custom work often requires bringing in talent such as artists or designers, copywriters or possibly even developers.  At Stratus we have access to teams of people who are stars at doing these types of jobs and will impress you with their creativity.  If you can paint the picture verbally for us, we will help you publish it to the web.