Domain Registration

A “domain” is an identification label that the Internet uses to identify you.  There are top level domains and second, third, and so on levels of domain.  The top level is usually identified by adding an extension of .com, .net, .org, .gov, etc. 


Think of it as your address on the internet.  Instead of 123 Main St., you might be  That is what people enter to find you.  Your second level might be\aboutus.  That is the location for your page off of your main website where you talk about who you are.


You need to find a domain name that is:

  1. Easily identified as you. would obviously be some store named Jones Supply. would obviously be a candy store in Chicago.  Both have good points as they tell who you are.  Jonessupply does not tell what business you are in where as bestcandystoreinchicago does not tell what the name of the candy store in Chicago is.   So you want to really think out your name.  Get creative.

    Our name is  You may not have understood cloud technology before and how cloud technology helps your business.  But those who do will get the name.  We could have called it www.stratusbusinesssoltuonfeaturingwebsitedesigncompany  A little long, but takes care of identifying us in several fronts. 

  2. Make it easy to remember and fun.

  3. Make it short as possible, but remember what we discussed in number 1 above.

  4. Don’t limit yourself to one.  Go ahead and buy and also buy  And while you’re at it, get if it is available.  .com is the most popular.  .net is second.  Usually .gov and .org are left for government and organizations.   Make it easy for your customers to find you.  If your name is hard to spell, get some strangers to tell you how they think it should be spelled and buy those domains as well.  We can “point” or transfer them to your main top level domain.