e-Mail & Web Site Hosting

Stratus will gladly host your email and web site for you at a very reasonable rate.  The major factor to be decided on is how much you are going to put on your site (the more pictures, pages, links, etc, ….. the more space you require) and how many email addresses you want. 


You will want your email addresses to match your website.  However, how you do the names is up to you.  We did first names only, but it might not work whenever we hire our next Andy.  We could have done aballard, andy.ballard, andyballard, andyb, or other combinations.  If you can come up with a good scheme, it usually makes it easier for people to find you


Having a dependable hosting site for your website is important.  It needs to be available all the time and fast.  We have chosen to partner with a company who has a reputation as being one of the leaders in this area.  Stratus will make sure you can depend on us for making sure your website is ready for your customers to come visit.  Plus we back up your website and emails every two hours and our hosting site is secure from exterior intrusion, fire and weather.   Additionally they have redundant power supplies and internet connectivity.